About Us

Grandesco College is a top Canadian private institution providing executive education and leadership management training programs. Grandesco College is also providing academic programs to Canadian and International students at the Kamloops campus and looks to expand the number of campuses in the next few years. Grandesco College is a designated institution through the B.C. Private Training Institutions Branch (PTIB) under the Ministry of Advance Education, holds Educational Quality Assurance Designation (EQA) and is on the Designated Institutions List for Canada(D.L.I.#019347006982). This gives students and families the confidence that they are connecting with an institution of high calibre and integrity.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create and deliver powerful workshops, training, and education programs that inspire innovation and develop leaders of influence. By doing so, we leave a lasting legacy and impact millions worldwide who positively change the lives of those they lead and inspire generations that follow.

Our Vision

Changing the world through education and entrepreneurship.

What We Do

We invest in the success of our learners by providing a broad range of relevant adult education with highly qualified and engaging facilitators to help students be more effective in their careers and better position themselves in the workplace and their businesses. We are told students feel like an extended part of the Grandesco Family.

How We Do It

We are learner-centered and provide exceptional learner support and resources to aid in their learning journey. Competency-based learning ensures learners move from the traditional knowledge based approached to higher education to one where learning leads to understanding and competencies and confidence they carry throughout their career. We combine this approach with coaching and mentoring along with leading edge technologies and approaches to education that ensure the experience for the student is fun while being meaningful and impactful. By the end of one of our programs many learners feel they are more than just Grandesco Alumni - they are part of the Grandesco Family! To accomplish the above, we offer effective training that delivers results through our various channels we call the pillars of Grandesco College.  Our pillars are: 1. Executive Education (Corporate Training); 2. Academic Programs (undergraduate and soon to be graduate level programs; 3. Career Training; 4. HOP Performance Leadership groups; 5. Testing Centre; 6. ESL and Cultural Intelligence Centre; 7. Innovation and Entrepreneurship Centre; 8. Grandesco International. Grandesco College is a private post-secondary school proudly designated through the Private Training Institutions Branch of BC (PTIB) under the Ministry of Advanced Education. Our instructors are “Pracademics” who are qualified professionals continually developing, reviewing and updating curriculum to remain current and relevant as well as meet PTIB's guidelines and requirements. We are proud to hold the Educational Quality Assurance (EQA) designation and are on the federal designated institutions (DLI) list which gives our clients the confidence they are dealing with a high end and reputable company. Our college focuses on personalized instruction and small class sizes as we have found that to be most effective for our students’ success in class and learning corporate clients take into their workplace. This allows the training to be more focused and flexible to suit the needs of our various learners. We also offer flexible hours and methods of training to make it possible for students and learners to balance their education with other responsibilities in their lives.

Where We Do It

Grandesco College main campus is located in beautiful Kamloops, BC, Canada. Although our accreditation is provincial, our training is done globally. Many of our programs, from executive education to academic and career training, are delivered globally and many courses and programs have the option to take some or all instruction at a distance through our online platform as well as face to face in one of our campuses. We also offer programs that are a hybrid of the two and offer short residencies with work that can be completed online and applied in their communities, business, or work environments directly while offering the flexibility to not give up their normal daily activities. We are expanding the number of offices we have and plan to open up international offices in Asia and Europe in 2018 and in early 2019 and will expand the number of campuses.

What Differentiates Us?

We create measurable results!

We deliver the success our clients set as goals up front by growing and inspiring people through our training and processes. We build people and organizations so they maximize their potential!

Extremely High

Job Placements

Learner Centered

Low Student to Teacher Ratio

Grants and Financial Aid

For Up To 100% of Training or Education