Diploma in Leadership and Management Studies Program

Brief Program Description

The Diploma in Leadership and Management Studies program provides you with a broad background in management studies and the option of specializing in a number of business disciplines after graduation.

Career Occupation

This diploma provides you with the business and management skills necessary to become effective managers and leaders in today’s dynamic, global economy. The program blends a practical management education with a broad general education.

Admission Requirements

Secondary School Diploma Grade 12 English and Mathematics or Mature Student Status. International students will have to meet the minimum pro ciency requirements for Grandesco College to gain acceptance into the program. English 12 or satisfactory completion of a post-secondary equivalent from a recognized and accredited post secondary institution with a grade of C+ or better. International Students must have IELTS of 6.0+ with no band below 5.5 or equivalent score for CAEL, TOEFL or others. Mature Student Applicants: For classification as a mature student, you must be 21 years of age at the start of classes. You must also be entering the first year of study in your program selection. Please contact the registrar for further questions regarding a mature student application.

Learning Objectives

The Diploma in Leadership and Management Studies program consists of 60 credits (20+ courses available) that provide students with a sound knowledge of business concepts, leadership and management practice in a short time frame. Through the 60 credits and 20 courses, students will obtain comprehensive knowledge in a broad range of management areas: Business communication, Basic economics, Marketing, Accounting, Human resource management, Organizational behaviour, Leadership, Finance, Entrepreneurship, International business, Ethics and society, Commercial law, and Project management. Students will learn from experienced instructors who work in the industry and are committed to helping students achieve success.

Evaluation Methods

Courses in the program will utilize many different evaluation methods, including but not limited to: tests, projects, papers, online projects, presentations, and reports. Although most work will be done individually, some courses may require group projects and evaluation of papers and projects.

Success Metrics

Sixty credits, with an overall GPA of 2.00 or higher, and with a grade of C- or higher in all courses. A grade of C- or higher is required to receive transfer credit. Nongraded (pass/fail, complete) or university preparation courses will not be accepted.

Program Duration

Each course is offered online and face-to-face. The pace of the program depends if it is taken on a full-time or part-time basis. Based on a full- time and face-to- face schedule of 5 courses a semester, it is anticipated a student spends 15 contact hours a week over a semester and the program can be completed in under two years. Total contact hours is approximately 800 hours for the program (this does not include homework, projects, or other work outside classroom lectures).

Homework Hours

The number of hours will vary from student to student but a rough guideline is 2-3 hours of homework per class hour. These hours are not considered part of the program duration.

Methods of Delivery

Indicate how the program is delivered:
  • In-class instruction
  • Distance education
  • Combined delivery (both in-class and distance)

Required Materials

All students should have a laptop, Microsoft Office, and may require accounting software (Sage and Quickbooks) for the accounting software systems course (althought the face to face students will have access to computers in the lab with the software). Additionally, each course will have a textbook and technology fee for access to online support and course delivery requirements. Some courses may have other fees (i.e. online business simulation).

Program Organization

Below is an overview of courses in the program. The number of hours is based on classtime in the face to face program.

Title of Course/Work Experience Component # of Hours
Mastering Student Success and Career Success 40
Introduction to Business 40
Introduction to Basic Economics 40
Introduction to University Writing 40
Introduction to Statistics 40
Financial Accounting 40
Managerial Accounting 40
Introduction to Marketing 40
Human Resource Management 40
Leadership 40
Organizational Behaviour 40
Commercial Law 40
Business Ethics and Society 40
New Venture Creation / Entrepreneurship 40
Financial management (Business Finance) 40
HR Staffing and Development 40
Management Information Systems 40
Teamwork in Organizations Project Management 40
International Business 40