Canadian Students

Ready to enroll in “Pracademic” program?

We believe in “Pracademic” approach to education. Our programs are designed to give you the practical skills that will open doors of the Canadian Job Market
for you.

Here’s why you should choose Grandesco:

  • Low class sizes: The class size will never exceed 30 as opposed to other colleges and universities.
  • Career Preparation: Grandesco is well connected to top employers through it’s international
    acclaimed corporate training programs. Business leaders view us as “trusted advisors” and not
    just “academic career counsellors”. Our “pracademic” approach will impart you the skills our
    corporate partners will look forward to hiring you for.
  • Learn from the pros: Our team of instructors come with diverse and extensive experience in
    their respective fields. They share their knowledge and wisdom helping you transform into tomorrow’s leaders.
  • Vibrant Community- Kamloops is a vibrant town with a diverse student community of more
    than 10,000 students. Create memories that will last you a lifetime while you give your career
    the direction it needs.
  • Focus of Student Success: From day one each student has a Success Coach and Mentor to help
    them with the challenges not only in academic pursuits but also the things in life that can be a
    distraction or pose challenges for students and their success in their studies. We offer many
    student support services and feel the success of our institution is dependent on the success we
    have in preparing our students for the careers they choose to pursue through our programs at
    Grandesco. Combining small class sizes, the family atmosphere and approach, our team of
    instructors, coaches, mentors, and support team will ensure your time with Grandesco is a
    memory you will cherish for a lifetime.

Now that’s PRACADEMIC!

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