International Students

Choosing an educational institution is one of the most important decision that a student must make. We
at Grandesco understand the needs of students that choose Canada as for higher studies but what we
also understand is the Canadian job market and the skills required to succeed here. So here’s why you
should look no further and choose Grandesco’s programs:

  • We do not believe in academic approach to education. We believe in “Pracademic” approach to
    education. Practical programs that will help you succeed in your career is what differentiates
    Grandesco from everyone else.
  • Our connections with global business leaders and world class companies through our corporate
    training programs will open the doors of Canadian job market for you
    Our programs are industry focussed. Learn the skills that are valued by the top employers of Canada
  • Our instructors are business leaders with extensive experience in their fields willing to share
    their real-world knowledge to help you become the “Leaders of Tomorrow”.
  • Kamloops is one of the most beautiful cities of Canada. Kamloops ‘s diverse culture, amazing
    landscape and warm-hearted community will create lifelong memories for you. Also, the cost of
    living is significantly lower than metropolitan centres like Vancouver and Toronto.

So low cost of living and career focussed education with a “Pracademic” approach is what Grandesco
offers. Apply today and give your career the direction it needs!